In parallel to the museum’s collections, the boutique joins tradition with modernity,

with the sale of traditional textile products, jewelry, and designer products. Additionally, there is a bookshop as well as various haberdashery goods for sale.

Traditional textile products

Jacquard’s Tapestries, cushions, and toiletry bags are produced in France by Flemish Tapestry and by Art de Lys, located in Lys lez Lannoy.

Jewelry and Designer Products

Textile products are produced by artists at the Grand Bassin gallery in Roubaix, who specialize in textiles and offer a broad range of fashion accessories and décor items.

Textile bookshop and Haberdashery

The boutique also offers sewing products, supplied by Le Fil au Chinois (Marcq en Baroeul), as well as a bookshop.

Lounge and Children’s Corner

Before or after your visit to La Manufacture, you’ll also have access to the museum lounge—a relaxing space with a friendly, creative vibe. Enjoy the lounge’s library, wifi, and games for children…

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